Easy Dose System

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Flow Meter: W/Flow Meter
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Applications Include:
  • waste water treatment
  • solar powered systems
  • chemical transfer applications
  • water treatment in remote areas
  • animal hygiene
  • drip systems
  • hydroponics
  • clean-in-place applications
  • winery and brewery line cleaning
Features Include:
  • Prewired for 115/230VAC (smart voltage hookup, no switching required) or 12VDC
  • Electronic control system for pump speed control
  • 1 or 2 pumps, each pumps up to 1.7GPM (open flow), 1.1GPM at 60PSI
  • Drop in chemical reservoir float switch for auto shut off when chemical is depleted
  • Prewired line injection quill
  • Optional analog flow meter to measure chemical injection rate
  • 4-20mA capability to control pump rate
  • Outdoor rated rain resistant electrical enclosures with mounting hardware
  • Modular concept for easy add-on pumps or pump replacement

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