Half Circle Winged Jet


Model: MAU180W
QTY: 25
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  • Flat fan pattern allows little to no wind deflection
  • Wings allow for more comfortable installation
  • 10-32 triple-lead threads for easy 2-turn installation
  • Ideal for landscape use
  • Wings allow for more comfortable installation without a tool while still accommodating use of the Pro Punch and Ag Punch Tools' Hex Wrench
  • Jets are color-coded by orifice size, and data is based on 20 PSI.


MAU180W - BLUE - 10.5 GPH - 5.0' DIAMETER

MAG180W - GREEN - 16.0 GPH - 5.5' DIAMETER

MAR180W - RED - 23.5 GPH - 5.5' DIAMETER

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