Ledge Light LL6600BZ Series

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Materials/ Features

Die Cast Aluminum powder coated bronze fixture
• LL6605BZ – LED magnetic replacement module for
LL6707, andLL6609
• LL6707BZ – 6” Aluminum LED replaceable Ledge
Light with surface mount glare shield
• Includes the LL6605BZ
• LL6609BZ – 6” Aluminum LED replaceable Ledge
Light with under cap mounting bracket and glare
• Includes the LL6605BZ
• The LL6605BZ LED module can be replaced easily
by using a small flat head screwdriver to pry the
module out. The LED Module is held in place by
commercial grade powerful magnets.

• Input 9-15 Volts
• 10’ - #18/2 Dire cape Lighting Wire
• No Lamp required
• LED Diodes have 90° Beam Spread
• Low Voltage Transformer required (not included)
• Wire Connectors required (not included)
• C ETL listed and approved
• FCC Certified


• LED Integrated – No lamp required
• LL6605BZ – 100 Lumens, .8 Watts, VA 1, .88 PF


• LL6605BZ 3.6” x.6” x .4”
• LL6707BZ 5.6” x .9” x .9”
• LL6609BZ 5.6” x .9” x .9”

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