MLK-FIXIT - Quick Fix kit for repair and maintenance

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This Quick Fix Kit is perfect to have when you need that
additional fitting, part or just for a quick x. Everything
included comes in a convenient easy to store tackle box that
can be easily refiller with your favorite drip and micro irrigation
parts for quick access.

This Kit includes a Tackle Box, All-In-One Tool, 4 End Crimpers,
12 Goof Plugs, 10 - 1/4-in Couplers, 3 - 1/4-in Tees, 3 - 1/4-in
Elbows, 2 - 1/2-in Coupling, 1/4-in On/O Valve, 10 GPH Violet
Flow Controller, 4 Vinyl Collars, 1/2-in Poly Support Stake, 3
- 1/4-in Vinyl Support Stakes, 3 - 8-in Stake Extensions, Micro
Spray Pot Stake, Adjustable Dripper Stake, Blue diaphragm
replacement, 1 of each Dripper and 6 assorted micro sprays.

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