MLK-LGH - Micro Spray Starter Kit

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This Starter Kit waters up to 275 square feet of landscapes, gardens,
shrubs, trees, vegetable gardens and more. This Kit includes 50-ft of
1/2-in Poly Tubing, 6 Stake Assemblies with Misters, 6 extra bonus Micro
Sprays, 3 Stake Extensions, 3 Support Stakes, Backflow Valve, Hose fitting,
1/2-in Tee, 1/2-in Coupling, 2 End Fittings, Punch Tool, & 4 Goof Plugs. We
Recommend our Water Timer (MLWT-TIMER) to water automatically, our
Filter (MLFF-41 or MLFF-150) if using well water, and our 50 PSI Pressure
Regulator (MLA-58) for water pressures over 50 PSI.

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