MLK-POT - Potted Plant Kit

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This Pot Stake Kit waters up to 8 potted plants. Due to limited water ow
through 1/4-in vinyl tubing, no more than 1 kit (8 Pot Stakes) can be installed
on a faucet. Expandable by up to 65 stakes when using 1/2-in poly tubing as
the main line. Pot Stakes are adjustable from 0 to 8 GPH, they have a 165° half-circle, down-spray pattern with a 2-ft radius. Pot Stakes also have depth and
direction arrows built in to their design for easy placement.
This Kit includes 30-ft of 1/4-in Vinyl Tubing, 8 Pot Stakes with On/O valves,
Backflow Prevention Valve, 1/4-in Faucet Fitting, 7 - 1/4-in Tees, All-In-One Tool
& 1 bonus Pot Stake Extender. We Recommend using one of our Faucet Filters
(MLFF-41 or MLFF-150) if using hard or well water.

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