Trident- AG Batch Blending


Pump Layout: 3 Small and 6 Large
Controller Style: Pro-Select with Pro-Access Control Module
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Nutrient dosing and blending featuring bluetooth connectivity

TRIDENT AG will save labor, time and money. This system features automatic dosing which eliminates hand measuring and wasted nutrients. A unique modular design provides easy addition of up to 9 individual nutrients. In addition to the TRIDENT AG, you receive the DEMA connect app for easy pumpstand set up and formula creation from any “smart device” via bluetooth. With the ability to write your own personalized formulas you have the freedom to choose what you want, when you want it. The TRIDENT AG is the best way to automate your nutrient dosing and blending needs.

Whether you mix your nutrient solutions daily or once every couple of weeks, this system is what you’ve been looking for. The TRIDENT AG will meter the exact amount of nutrients you want added to your custom formula... Every time!


The Trident Has two types of pumps it come with a small output pump and a large output pump, ideal for Micro and Macro nutrient mixing.

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